Thoughts on GOP Debate Live from DTW

Everyone has weighed in by now telling you exactly who you should believe won last night’s Republican Presidential Debate. I’ve been en route back from a business trip all day so I’ve not seen much pontificating.  But I can guess the general tone.

A few unsolicited personal observations…

Jeb Bush did a fine job.  Perhaps one of his best performances in all of the debates held to date. But was anyone moved to dump another candidate for Jeb? He sounded competent.  Seemed to have higher energy which, according to Donald Trump, is a presidential prerequisite.  But Bush was no more impressive than most of them.  I cannot believe he’s moved the needle that much in his favor and would not expect to see a big bounce in polling for Jeb.

Trump was at his most serene. Boring actually. Perhaps trying to look more presidential. Whatever. So very, very over Trump.

Ben Carson did a fine job. But every time this lovable man opens his mouth I am instantly reminded how ill-equipped and unprepared he is to be president. Imagining Ben as commander-in-chief sends a shiver down my spine.

John Kasich was atrocious.  Loser of the night.  He knows the end is near for his candidacy and in a desperate attempt to get more air time and to seem even remotely relevant he kept interrupting. He came off as a petulant, precocious tween demanding attention. Truly annoying. Go back to Ohio, John. Your moment in the sun is over.

From my perspective, the night belonged to Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina. Both candidates are amazingly capable of communicating the conservative message and are incredibly persuasive.  Both command the stage and present an image of competence, capability, and trust-ability.  Both have a positive vision for the country.  And it’s a vision an overwhelming majority of voters would likely embrace.

We truly are blessed with an amazingly deep and talented bench of candidates this season. Any would be far preferable to Hillary and her party of liars and Socialists.

But I remain convinced the invincible ticket is still Marco Rubio/Carly Fiorina. They would be unstoppable and could gather the support it will take once inaugurated from Congress and the public to move our country back from the brink and return it to greatness.



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