Carly is not in trouble…..


The beauty of having 3 people manage this site is we do have differences of opinions. While I share my cousin’s sentiment for last night, I do disagree with him on one point.

Carly isn’t in trouble.

It’s early.  These things still ebb and flow.  She didn’t damage herself and she stayed steady and true to her message.  Big gov’t is oppressive, it doesn’t work well and we’ve been talking about the same issues for 30 years.

I understand what DCuz is saying.  She didn’t land any punches and she won’t likely be in many soundbites for the next week.

However, before last night, Chris Christie was in trouble.  Ted Cruz was in trouble and that seemed to turn around in one night.  It’s still early.  There are more debates coming.

For me, Carly’s closing comments were spot on.  I would love to see her go toe to toe with Hillary because deep down I know she would clean Hillary’s clock.



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