Hundreds of Syrian Refugees “Disappear” – Nothing to See Here (Literally!) passes along reports from German press today that hundreds of unregistered Syrian refugees have “mysteriously disappeared.” German authorities have no idea where they may have disappeared to.

This is not disconcerting at all, now is it? It’s not as if the majority of these asylum-seekers are strong, young men who seem exceptionally devout to their Islamic doctrine. Um, hold on there. According to the United Nations, fully 72% of Syrian “refugees” are men.

Syrian Refugees

And it’s not like Germany has any history of sleeper terrorist cells operating, organizing, and plotting within its borders in the past, right? Oh…wait. There was a reference in the 9/11 Commission Report concerning some of the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attack that were once part of an Al Qaeda-funded cell in Hamburg, Germany. But surely no chance such activity could be happening again now in Deutschland, right?

No, instead German authorities assure us “that the immigrants departed from the mostly rural province to either reunite with their relatives or to look for more attractive places to stay elsewhere in Germany or even abroad.” However, considering German authorities never registered these “refugees” in the first place, how could they possibly know who they are and why they are there – let alone have any clue where they’ve disappeared to and why?

No, nothing horrific could possibly come of this situation. One might call it an invasion of Europe by those hell-bent on bringing the caliphate to the rest of Europe. But such iterations are surely racist in nature and thus must be shunned.

The Western World commits suicide via extreme political correctness.

Nope, nothing to see here!



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