Is Trump Unstoppable?


My cousins and I have been talking off-line about the Trump phenomenon and why none of the other 14 GOP presidential candidates are catching fire (with the notable exception of equally puzzling Dr. Ben Carson). I cannot remember the last time the GOP had such a strong slate of potential nominees. Yet here we are in mid-October 2015 and none are breaking through.

It’s been suggested that the “low information” GOP primary voters are who makes up Donald Trump’s base of support. There may be some truth to that but I question just how many “likely primary voters” actually fall into the category of “low information voters.” If you are going to take the time to vote in your state’s primary, you are more than likely plugged in and paying attention. It’s the presidential general election that brings out the masses.

Trump is still connecting with voters and voters of all stripes. He has genuine appeal with blue collar and even union workers. New polling indicates GOP voters overwhelmingly believe Trump is the best candidate to handle the economy. No other candidate comes close to beating him on that measure.

The Establishment all assumed this phenomenon would fizzle out after a few weeks. And then they said it was merely the Summer of Trump and come September primary voters would start getting serious, cast aside their summer fling with Trump and coalesce around a more serious, experienced politician. That has not happened.

It’s been four months since Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency. We are now four months away from the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. What’s going to happen between now and then to stop Trump from winning both and steamrolling through the rest? Yes, four months is a lifetime in politics. But the man has already made gaff after gaff and his polling numbers have only climbed.

I’m beginning to think GOP primary voters are irreversibly pissed at the politicians they’ve elected and sent to Washington to stop the Obama regime’s actions. They’ve had it with political correctness and the timidity Republican leadership displays every day. They’ve seemingly done nothing to reverse the direction Obama is taking us.

Trump is the anti-politician. He’s blunt. Brash. He does not censor himself for fear of offending the sensitivities of those just begging to be offended. Some might not consider this “presidential.” But it seems a growing number of GOP primary voters think that may well be exactly what we need as President of the United States right now. Cut through the crap that is Washington and get this country moving in the right direction again.

I am most whole-heartedly not endorsing Mr. Trump. But I am beginning to understand why this love affair with Trump may not fade anytime soon.



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