Respect for Bernie Sanders

If you haven’t figured out by now, we here at cuzliberty tend to be conservative bordering on libertarian.  We love free markets, we love personal liberty and all that goes along with those things.

We tend not to like government regulation.  We tend not to like government programs aimed at social issues.  We tend to believe that people (via free markets) can decide what’s best for them.

That said.  Huge respect for Bernie Sanders.


He’s principled if nothing else.  I don’t agree with much of anything he has to say, but he’s consistent.  He believes in using government to provide for the general welfare of citizens.  He believes government through taxation, regulation and legislation can help shape society to solve problems and outcomes for people.

Like I said, I do NOT agree with any of it, but he’s steadfast in his approach and he doesn’t compromise or deviate from it.

So for that I respect him.  It’s too bad he’s just plain wrong.


One thought on “Respect for Bernie Sanders

  1. I think Bernie is on fire with the Left and young voters in particular for all the reason you state. He’s real. Authentic. Wrong. But knows what he believes and why he believes it. Bernie mentioned in his speech at Liberty University that both sides of these arguments need to be able to discuss these differences with calm civility. He’s right about that while unbelievably wrong with his prescriptions for what ails us. – DCuz


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