John Kasich’s Biblical position is immoral.

So I ran across this article today.  In it, candidate John Kasich makes the argument that expansion of Medicaid is a Biblical principle.

Look at Medicaid expansion. Do you know how many people are yelling at me? I go out to events where people yell at me. You know what I tell ‘em? … I say, there’s a book. It’s got a new part and an old part; they put it together, it’s a remarkable book. If you don’t have one, I’ll buy you one. It talks about how we treat the poor. Sometimes you just have to lead.


Now, when you die and get to the meeting with St. Peter, he’s probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small. But he is going to ask you what you did for the poor. You better have a good answer.

How’s this for an answer.

That isn’t moral and I don’t think it’s what God intended us to do for the poor.

I’ve made this point about redistribution of wealth in the past and it applies to most other social programs as well.  Assume Bob breaks into Marvin’s house and steals $5,000 by use of force.  Bob makes a clean getaway and takes the $5,000 to provide health insurance to Sally.  Is Bob acting morally?  Is Bob being charitable?  Is Marvin being charitable?  Is Marvin taking care of Sally?  Is Sally acting morally by accepting the $5,000?

Same story.  Now substitute Bob for the government, Congress, IRS or any other agency and somehow this all becomes a good thing?  Somehow when the IRS (by use of force) takes money from Marvin to give to Sally it is now charitable.


How is legislation, through the use of force, that takes from one person and gives to another noble or charitable?  How is it Biblical?  Is that really want the Bible calls for?  Does the Bible really call for us to be charitable using other people’s money?  Do really want an environment where A and B decides what to take from C to give to D? (Friedman)

I don’t think that’s Biblical at all.  I would argue that the Bible calls for individual people to care for individual people of their own free will through voluntary sacrifice.  That’s love.  That’s caring for others.


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