Why Carly is My (current) Pick for GOP Presidential Nominee


Shortly after announcing her decision to run for president I recall telling my cousins (KCuz & MCuz) to keep a very close eye on Carly Fiorina.  Anyone who’s watched her in the ensuing months since announcing now knows why.  Love her or hate her, you know just how formidable a candidate this woman is.  Put simply, she’s brilliant.

While I reserve my right to change my mind should Ms. Fiorina inexplicably implode during the primary process, to date she has proven herself to be a natural.  She’s beyond competent – which is a lot to ask from any of the current pool of candidates in both parties.

What I relish most is the thought of seeing Ms. Fiorina on the presidential debate stage opposite Hillary Clinton. Of course, this assumes Ms. Clinton isn’t behind bars a year from now and is the Democrat’s nominee.

No other candidate in the race could more effectively disassemble and destroy the Clinton campaign more deftly than Carly Fiorina.  Ms. Fiorina makes null and void the Left’s ridiculous claim of the GOP’s “war on women”.  Ms. Fiorina’s depth of knowledge on the issues, domestic and foreign affairs, is impressive. Regardless who the Democrats eventually nominate, none will best Ms. Fiorina. She’s smarter than all of them combined.

It’s clear Republican primary voters are catching on as well.  In the Real Clear Politics average of New Hampshire polls, Ms. Fiorina has bounced up to second place just behind entertainer Donald Trump.

In RCP’s average of Iowa polls, she’s up to third place behind Mr. Trump and Ben Carson.

I’m an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh.  I have been tuning in virtually every weekday during my lunch hour since he went national. I find it curious and distressing that Mr. Limbaugh exhibits a less than veiled dislike for Ms. Fiorina. He’s made it clear she is not his candidate and, astonishingly, seems to favor Mr. Trump. I am not sure if this is a matter of personal taste, maybe a dash of sexism, or perhaps Mr. Limbaugh is golfing buddies with Mr. Trump. I don’t know.

Mr. Limbaugh has rightly lamented the fact that only when the GOP nominates “real conservatives” do we win the White House. Ms. Fiorina ticks all the boxes as a conservative candidate.  Mr. Trump falls far short. I’m befuddled.

Marco Rubio

As for my shortlist of other GOP favorites, in 2nd place is Senator Marco Rubio.  In fact, my dream ticket would be Fiorina/Rubio or Rubio/Fiorina.  And I really don’t care who’s on top (of the ticket). That is an unbeatable pair.



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